Preparation of Business Plans, Schemes, and Feasibility Studies

The main task of project design is to substantiate the technical – economic efficiency (feasibility) and profitability of small hydropower plant construction. To determine the preliminary technical and economic indicators, first of all, a project plan is needed. We use the conclusions of engineering research (geodetic, geological, hydrological-ecological) as preliminary data.

  • Selection of HPP location – Selection of possible location of hydroelectric power plant structures based on the scheme of hydropower use, spatial distribution scheme (taking into account the use of land for different purposes), existing facilities, topographic geological conditions, existing main electricity networks.

  • Water-energy calculations – Perform calculations taking into account the average annual production, the conventional amount and time of capacity utilization of the installed systems, and other parameters.
  • Installation Solutions – Installation of main and auxiliary hydraulic structures in the perimeter of hydraulic units and construction site.
  • Planning – Planning of land characteristics and categories.
  • Constructive solutions- Development of types and structures of fixed earth and/or concrete dam, spillway and culvert structures, pressure water conduits, hydroelectric power station buildings.
  • Selection of technological equipment – Selection of the type and layout of the main hydraulic power equipment.
  • Selection of mechanical equipment – Development of an enlarged composition of mechanical equipment for the main structures of the SHPP.
  • Selection of electrotechnical equipment – Development of the main electrical circuit, preliminary selection of electrical equipment, development of the layout of the switchgear (outdoor switchgear, indoor switchgear).
  • Development of power distribution scheme – Analysis of the adjacent electrical network and the conditions for connecting to it, determining the area of a land plot for the installation of power output equipment.
  • Automation – Process automation through innovative technologies.
  • Environmental solutions – Design of hydraulic structures that can withstand the normal water flow without the risk of flooding.
  • Organization of construction – Elaboration of the main issues and the methods of construction for permanent and temporary hydraulic structures, cost transfer scheme, the preliminary determination of the construction period.
  • Determination of technical and economic indicators- An important feature of the preliminary project plan of a small hydropower plant is that several options for the planning solution of the facility are considered, selecting the most optimal one. In some cases, the number of options discussed may be quite large.