Design and Installation of Control and Measuring Instruments and Devices on Dams, Tunnels, Large Diameter Pipes, and Other Hydraulic Structures

At Hydro Solutions, we design and install:

  • Multi-path flowmeters in accordance with the requirements of the international CEI IEC 41 standard
  • Hydrostatic level sensors, pressure and level transmitters, Manometers, pressure gauges
  • Ultrasonic and electromagnetic flowmeters
  • Vibrating wire, high temperature, standpipe and multi-point VW piezometers 
  • Strong motion accelerographs
  • Direct and Indirect pendulum
  • Extensometers
  • VW weir monitor, staff gauges, V-notch weirs & tanks with the possibility of continuous monitoring
  • VW and LP displacement gauges, VW 3D crack meters, VW joint meters
  • Weather stations