Hydraulic, filtration, water resources management, economic and stability calculations. Financial efficiency calculations

Hydraulic calculations are performed for the design of spillways, culverts, diversion, and reclamation hydraulic structures: spillweirs, water abstraction canals, tunnels, pipelines, flumes, and several others. Hydraulic calculations are the basis for determining the dimensions of these structures.

Filtration calculations

The filtration calculations carried out in the project determine the flow rate of water filtered at the base of hydraulic structures, discover the level of groundwater, calculate the suffusion parameters of drainage, and a number of other purposes. Filtration calculations largely determine the geometry of the base of hydraulic structures.

Water resources management

Water management and water-energy calculations are developed for reservoirs, recreational and fish ponds, hydroelectric power plants, and pumping stations. These types of calculations make it possible to reveal the main technological parameters of these hydrotechnical structures: throughput, power, water head, filling and emptying times, and so on.

Stability and strength calculations

All structural solutions of hydro-technical structures are based on general and local stability and strength. Hydraulic structures are often in a difficult state of operation. Therefore, testing their strength and stability is considered to be the guarantee of the adopted project decisions.