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Hydro Solutions is a company engaged in the design of hydraulic structures and the installation of control and measuring devices, which is distinguished by innovative, modern solutions and a professional approach.

The company was founded in 2018․

The core of the team consists of employees with rich experience and high qualifications. Most of the specialists were actively involved in the design and construction of at least 25% of small hydroelectric power plants on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Projects were implemented in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and a number of countries.

Hydro Solutions is a partner of a number of Armenian and international companies.

We are a partner of a number of Armenian and international companies due to our efficient operations and quality services.

We attach great importance to the use of modern technologies and do our best to promote the use of innovative solutions and technologies in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

Staff-a significant part of the staff has at least 10-15 years of experience in implementing projects in this area, and has also been actively involved in more than 25% of new small hydroelectric power plants designed and built on the territory of the Republic of Armenia:

The main stages of the workflow are processing of initial data, surveys, studies, calculations, design work, installation of instrumentation, consultation, assistance:

Market – Designing of small HPPs. Installation of control and measuring and seismic instruments on dams and other hydraulic structures (piezometers, crack meters, inclinometers, pendulums, flow meters-level meters for measuring seepage flow, installation of multi-beam high-precision flow meters in tunnels).

Problems that customers who contact us want to solve – filtration, water management, economic and sustainability calculations, financial efficiency analysis, design of hydraulic structures, consultations, troubleshooting, preparation of business plans, installation of devices:

Priorities – the use of innovative and modern solutions.


Design of hydraulic structures

Preparation of Business Plans, Schemes,
and Feasibility Studies

Project for the reconstruction of small
hydropower plants and monitoring of hydraulic equipment

Group 3144

Design and installation of control and measuring devices on dams,tunnels, pipes and the other hydrotechnical structures

Hydraulic, filtration, water resources management, economic and stability calculations. Financial efficiency calculations


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